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Greentext Does: The Last Sovereign

Greentext Does: Dandy Boy Adventures

Greentext Does: Princess & Conquest

Greentext Does Black Souls

Greentext Does Ikusa Megami Zero

Greentext Goes Through Prison Battleship

Greentext Does Niplheim’s Hunter

Greentext Goes Through Newgrounds

Greentext Does: Eiyuu Senki

Greentext Does: Utawarerumono The One of Whom Legends Are Sung


Greentext Does: Bunny Black 2


Greentext Does: Bunny Black


Does Steam’s acceptance of adult games pose a threat to the already popular adult game stores?


Greentext Does: Future Fragments


Greentext Does: Captive Market


Greentext Does: An Interview With Cypress Zeta


Greentext Goes Through: Lilith’s Throne

bird meme

Greentext Does A Quick Look At: Rance 5D

Rance 5D verdict

Greentext Does: Rance VI

Rance 6 verdictxcf

Greentext Does: Evenicle

Evenicle Verdict

Greentext Does: Four Elements Trainer


Greentext screams at: Deus Machina Demonblade


Greentext Goes Through: Kingdom Of Deception


Using Cheat Engine for fun and profit


Greentext Suffers through: Dreams of Desire


Greentext Does: Ouroboros

Ouroboros verdict no warning

Greentext Does: Roundscape Adorevia


Greentext Does: An Interview With Sierra Lee

airship fleet

Greentext Does: Sengoku Rance

rance verdict


Greentext Does: Soldier’s Life

Soldier's Life Verdict


Greentext Does: Lewdest Labyrinth

Lewdest Verdict


Greentext Does: Alchemy Meister

alchemy verdict


Greentext Does: Seeds of Chaos

SOC Verdict

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