Greentext Does: Roundscape Adorevia


Having first played this game in August of 2016 for my old lets plays I was excited to see how it had improved. After all, it’s been 2 years so surely all of the bugs and issues had been ironed out right? Of course not. What did you fucking expect?


Once the game starts you’re greeted by a voice that sounds like it wants to “welcome me to the D&D world” telling you to choose from 5 different origin “stories”. These determine your starting gear, class, and will add different characters for you to meet throughout the game. Each origin (except Templar) has a different opening and sets you up with your starting party in a different way. The Noble starts by escaping a city with part of his family, the Farmer starts by trying to get a doctor for his wounded father, and the Templar gets jack shit. I have no clue why the Templar origin is so short and bland. The noble gets a long opening in a unique environment that establishes the characters helping him on his journey. He reclaims an old castle his rich family owns and meets up with your first party member because she’s his butler’s niece or something. You know what the Templar gets? They wake up and get told that it’s time for their initiation, they walk to the city with their mentor who has about 5 lines of dialogue, and then the mentor hops into a demon portal and is never seen again (except for when you fuck them once about 5 hours later). They couldn’t even come up for a reason for your first party member to join you so she just says “Hello complete stranger, I want to help you”. You know that castle you inherited as the noble? Well once you clear it out for some chick she just goes “Good job reclaiming my castle but you know what, I don’t want it anymore, you keep it”.


Combat reminds me a lot of the older Final Fantasy games. You have different rows for your party members and a jobs system with dozens of different classes to choose from that you can swap out at any time. There’s also a system where you can slot different orbs and marks onto your weapons for different effects to squeeze out a little bit more damage or swap your attack with a heal. Of course you won’t need to bother with any of this because Templar is so overpowered. When I played as a noble my attack stat at the 2 hour mark was around 55. When I played as a farmer it was around 48. Do you know what it was when I played as a Templar? 252. Combine that with the mark of the hero slotted into my sword and I also do AOE damage which means the drawbacks of having a really slow attack is negated because I can hit everyone at once. Even on the highest difficulty pretty much every group you’ll fight will die within a couple hits from the Templar.

Why is the Tentacle Monster the only one with a background and why is it so far up?

The game is also full of so many small issues and nit picks that it combines to be a massive annoyance. Why is the quest journal at the top of the menus instead of something more useful like items? Having the most useful things at the top of menus is a basic UI design rule. Almost every sprite in the game has little floating pixels or white outlines because the dev did a bad job of cutting out the PNG, graidet health

health bars have a black gradient towards the end that makes it hard to tell at a glance what percentage of health I actually have left, the main character doesn’t have a face sprite for battles, instead of having a portrait for the menu like all of the other characters temporary party membersGUEST like your mentors just have a black silhouette with the word GUEST pasted over it, the Noble opening still has a bug from when I last played in early 2016 where the sprite of a secret fireplace exit morphs into a door for a second when you use it, sometimes characters will have their sprites change to a completely different one while you’re talking to them, holding shift to speed up battles only works half of the time, the game runs in 4 different processes at once and none of them can be used with cheat engine to increase the game speed, characters who you chose to kill and are laying dead on the floor will spawn a second sprite and thank you for not killing them, the game lags and crashes, until I went and changed the game’s priority to max I was getting 10fps in some areas, last night a wagon sprite just decided not to spawn so I had a massive space in the middle of a town square I just couldn’t walk through, if I swap my healer’s attack with a healing ability and use it on my party sometimes a party member will counter it like a regular attack and kill my healer, the dev made some kind of mistake and a character who refers to them self as a girl has a penis, and the game is just FUCKING BROKEN.

I like how the nun’s making the face of a 5 year old who missed the ice cream truck.

Not even the porn is good. The game suffers from LOQO syndrome where the art style isn’t consistent. Some of it is decent like the one with the priestess with the purple hair and some of it is a massive garbage fire like pic related. There’s a lot of different scenes in the game but so many of them are just bad and you won’t even be able to see half of them depending on what gender and origin you choose so that the number of actually good ones you’ll see on a single playthrough is around 15. On a personal note, the fact that the game has slurpy squelchy jello noises during sex is annoying and the lack of an option to turn it off even more so.

The biggest problem with this game is that it’s obvious that the developer doesn’t care about fixing these bugs. They’re unmissable unavoidable glitches in this game that were still there when I played this back in 2016. All Kaliyo seems to care about is adding more content and hoping that somehow the bugs will fix themselves. That is of course when he’s actually working on Roundscape and not a completely different game. If he really wanted to improve this game he would sit down and dedicate a couple months to actually ironing out all of the problems in the game. It doesn’t matter how many sex scenes you add if I don’t get to see them because talking to the potion merchant crashes my pc and corrupts all my saves.


Roundscape can be downloaded at Kaliyo’s Patreon which can be found here. Or if you want to be a greedy Shekel lord and not pay for your things you can go here

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