Greentext Does: The Last Sovereign

So. It’s been a while hasn’t it? Everyone still alive? The Chinkenpox hasn’t gotten me yet but I have been slowly losing my mind due to the isolation. Anyway I figured that since I have so much time on my hands and need to do something to stave off the madness I should finally review my favorite adult game, The Last Sovereign, which just reached version .50! Now I know what you’re thinking. “Green. This is your favorite game. Do you really not want to wait until it’s finished to review it?”. That’s an excellent point and I normally would, but in this case the game was started back in 2015 and it’s taken 5 years to get this far. Statistically speaking it’s most likely that I’ll be hit by a bus and killed before this game actually gets finished so it’s really now or never.

First things first. Remember when I gave that spoiler warning about Ouroboros? It’s like that. This review will spoil some content you see within the first 20 or so minutes of the game. I would highly suggest you download it here, play up until the first boss fight, and then get back to me. Trust me on this. Give it the 20 minutes or so until you beat the first boss.

Fuck the trope of the wise old mentor dying. The “chosen one” brat is dead. Simon is the hero of this story. Now back to where we were. Odds are you probably have alarm bells going off already. 5 years to get to v0.50? This dev must be slow as hell. Well they really aren’t. The game currently has around 80 hours of content. I don’t mean it has 30 hours of content and I spent 50 grinding and screwing around. I mean it has 80 hours of content. The game has no grinding (enemies don’t respawn) and death means reloading an old save so wasted time isn’t counted. The time you see here is the time it takes to get through and see all the current content. In fact it would probably take a bit longer since this is my second run through of the game and I know it pretty well.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you about the game. It’s an rpgmaker game created by my favorite developer, Sierra Lee. It has standard turn based combat comparable to something like Black Souls or Conjurer’s Quest with very slight differences in format and some extra mechanics that I’ll get into later. Now I would say that Sierra is, first and foremost, a writer. She’s worked on and made a few games and the writing has always been their standout feature. When I say writing is the standout feature of her games I mean it. If you aren’t prepared to enjoy a game mostly due to it’s writing then you won’t like TLS. I would be remiss if I let my love for the game keep me from talking about its flaws so let’s get that out of the way.

Main problem. The game can be ugly as sin. While there are custom portraits and a few custom sprites the game is primarily made using stock RPG Maker assets. Luckily Sierra has been doing this for 5 years and has a pretty good grasp on what she’s doing. Assets will be tweaked or modified to allow them to fit into different places and environments are carefully designed around the limitations to keep anything from looking too bad. Even with the limitations the game has a large amount of locations and scenes that all still feel visually distinct from each other. Unfortunately there’s no art though…But uh-oh what’s this?

BOOM V.050 brings art to the table!! That’s right. Remember in chapter 1 when what’s his face tried to fuck that plant and almost got his dick ripped off? There’s art for that now. All that art you saw in chapter 1 (assuming you actually listened to me and played it)? That wasn’t there before. Guess what? It was still my favorite adult game even without it. Now that chapter 1 has art I also get the benefit of being able to recommend it without having to scare people off when I mention all of the sex is just text. More art will be coming soon so don’t think this is it either.

I’ve removed the other party members to avoid spoilers but at this point in the game there are 13 available

If you’ve played an RPG Maker game before you probably already have a pretty good handle on how combat in TLS works but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t go over it anyway. Most of the available party members have health and mana. Some like Simon here have health, mana, and lust. Some just have health and lust. Health and mana are pretty self explanatory while lust goes up each turn or when certain abilities or items are used. Note that unlike some games your lust maxing out isn’t a bad thing. Lust functions like mana and lets you use abilities. Attacks in the game generally boil down to either doing physical damage, various types of magical damage, or lust (which in this case just deals damage to enemies HP. They don’t get lust bars). There is no respawning enemies though. That means a finite amount of experience and money to be earned that you need to spend wisely.

At this point in the game there are 13 available party members. Simon and 12 others. At some points in the game you get extra party members for a bit but this is your main squad. You can only have 4 in the party at a time and barring specific plot parts, Simon is always in the party and the 13 party members get experience even if they aren’t doing the fighting. Throughout most of the game the entire group is all together though and you can swap members in and out of the active party whenever you’re not in combat for no penalty. Characters can also cast healing spells outside of combat even if they aren’t in the party (as long as it uses mana. Lust is unusable outside of combat). This means that the amount of fights you can get into or how long you can spend in a dungeon is limited only by the amount of mana restoring items you carry.

Each character has their own equipment slots and some can equip things others can’t. While the archetypes each individual character can fill is predetermined the composition of your party is what can lead to tons of interesting variation. Simon will always be there removing debuffs from the party and applying them to the enemy. The cleric will always be using magic to heal. The mage will always be using magic to do damage. The different characters you choose to have in your active party is where the real variety comes from though. My preferred party is Simon, a cleric that heals using mana, a character with stupid high defense who draws aggro, and the most ridiculous melee glass cannon dps monster I’ve ever seen in a video game. My friend on the other hand likes to use Simon, a character who heals and buffs using lust that they gain each turn, a mage who does elemental damage, and a rogue type character who dodges attacks and can apply poison/debuffs. Each character is different and no two fill the same roles. Sure you have multiple mages, 3 of them in fact but they’re all different. 1 does elemental damage to specific targets, the other focuses on AOE damage, and the last uses a combination of lust and elemental magic. Not only that but as you play you’ll unlock combo moves for the party à la Chrono Trigger. Normally my tank has a shieldwall ability that draws aggro and provides physical defense but since I have that cleric in my party the ability becomes a holy shieldwall that provides physical and magic defense. I’ve yet to see 2 people play the same way.

Spoiler: This is best girl.

There’s plenty of sex scenes and they are all well written. You would hope so considering most of and, up until recently all of, them are just text. It’s generally involving Simon and some or all of the members of his ever expanding chad harem. There’s no cuck shit unless you count the girls lezzing out amongst themselves, which I don’t. Interestingly enough Sierra is actually a woman. This has an interesting impact on the sex scenes as they’re often focused more on what the woman is feeling than Simon. Whether or not you think it’s good or bad is up to you but I definitely find it refreshing compared to the usual. Unfortunately that’s really all I can say about the smut. It’s not that it’s bad or there’s not a lot of it. It’s just that honestly the porn is not the most engaging part of this porn game.

The plot in this game is absolutely fan-fucking-tastic. If you ask me, Sierra is hands down the best writer in the adult games industry and I would even go as far as to say that TLS has some of the best writing in any game I’ve ever played and Simon is one of my favorite protagonists in pretty much anything. As the game progresses you go from an unknown jobber to a man with an army who is representing an entire country. At the mid point of the game you’re not going into the caves to dispatch goblins for the villagers, you send a squad of your goons to deal with that. You’re far too busy attending summits and dealing with tariffs being levied against a neighboring nation’s merchant guild in retaliation for price gouging on goods being purchased for a joint military campaign against an incubus lord. The writing also reflects the changes your physical capabilities as the story progresses. Merchants selling iron swords for 50g will take one look at you and your combat harem and go “Yeah I don’t think I have anything that could be useful for you”. And then you sit down and discuss bulk shipments of those iron swords for the soldiers in your army because Sierra is a galaxy brain writer who knows that someone leading a nation needs to be able to do more than hit good and the protagonist of a porn game can want to do more than fuck things. That chosen one who died in the beginning? He was your typical adult game protagonist. He was given bullshit divine power to go defeat the big bad and all he wanted to use it for was to fuck things. It got him killed.

It speaks volumes for how good this game is when in a story revolving around sex I have no interest in stopping to jack off. All I care about is what happens next. How did my investments in that shipping company from 2 chapters ago pan out? Am I going to try to prevent this religious schism or play it to my advantage? Are my soldiers well disciplined enough to guard those trade routes or should I just keep them focused on fighting to not risk them becoming bandits.

I fucking love this game. If it was a book I would buy it and read it every year, keeping it hidden while I’m not reading it so no one ever knows I read smut. I know this review is mostly me shilling the game and its dev. If you read through this and pick up the game odds are you’ll find flaws I didn’t notice. Maybe you’ll even dislike the game. I really am a biased reviewer in this case and I fully admit that. TLS was the title that got me into adult games and even if an objectively better title comes along some day I think this will still always be my favorite.

As before you can download the game here and feel free to support Sierra on her Patreon if you want.

Fell free to hit me up if you have any games to suggest and stay safe out there fellas.

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