Greentext Does: “Bunny Black 2”.


So after finishing Bunny Black 1 and enjoying the hell out of it I was understandably excited to get my hands on the sequel. The hook for BB2 had me interested too. After the end of BB1 you became the shrine’s overlord and have been ruling it like a cool dude until “Oh No!” Angels start fucking up your shit. Now you have to assemble allies and find out why they’re attacking you while trying to save your shrine. Via rape. Oh and you have a very young daughter now so that’s…worrying.


Honestly, they wouldn’t have had to do much to make the sequel a vast improvement over the first. Fix the issue where losing party members can make progress impossible, allow party members to equip gear, reduce the reverse-power creep (is that a thing?) you get with early game minions, and make more of the same stuff from the first. Unfortunately they really only did the first one. To cut to the chase, the gameplay of Bunny Black 2 seems like a massive downgrade from the gameplay of the first.

Maybe you’ve noticed that your combat ready party size has been reduced to 6 while the enemy still has 9. That’s fun.

Combat is still turn based RPG smack fest but now you can order units other than just Darx. Depending on a unit’s discipline level you can either give them very vague orders like “defend” or “support”, tell them what to do and which row and column to do it to, or tell them what to do and who exactly to do it to.  Thankfully the game still lets you give even high discipline level units generalized orders and save order sets to cut down on micro managing.

In addition to being able to control your party members more directly you can also choose how to allocate skill points when they level up. This isn’t completly open ended though. Your big tanky skeleton isn’t going to be able to learn healing spells and your fairy nymph isn’t going to get melee skills. Unfortunately the amount of skills a character can have at once has gone from infinite in Bunny Black 1 to 6 which severely hampers your ability to have characters with generalized skills. At first it seems like a fair trade seeing as you have more control over your party but since you’re only ever going to be able to field 6 party members at once you’re always going to be weak in one area.

Equipment has changed too. Instead of having different types of gear slots for different kind of equipment you have 5 generic slots and can equip anything in. How equipping 5 pairs of boots makes me faster is beyond me but honestly I’m not a fan of this. You almost never end up purchasing items from the store because of how limited your item slots are and when you do you just cycle out the worst item in your current 5. Instead of having different boots, weapons, hats, and armor equipped you just have 5 of the same sword equipped to try to buff your slash damage as much as you can.


Dungeons and quests have changed too. Now there are just no quests. Instead of getting missions to accomplish within each dungeon you just have one goal at a time. Make it to the end of the dungeon to fight X or hunt down X within the dungeon. No choice, just linear progression. Speaking of dungeons one of my biggest gripes with the game is that they added random encounters. No more careful use of warp abilities and maneuvering to avoid enemies you don’t want to fight. Occasionally the game will throw in enemies you can see and avoid but you always have to contend with random fights you don’t want to deal with.


Teleportation magic as a whole has actually been removed. Instead of learning skills to use to escape from the dungeon or get around you’re given points equal to your command points to spend in each dungeon. You can use these to buy buffs, heal your squad, revive dead party members, or escape. Those last 2 are particularly useful as they fix the issue in Bunny Black 1 where losing your expensive party and not having the funds to replace them can make progress impossible. In practice this usually leads to you either saving your points to use to revive team members and then escape (this will cost all your points if you go with a full squad) or to buff yourself right before a boss. Healing spells can be cast by units so as long as you have a healer with mana (I recommend a nymph) you can heal as much as you need.

I mean, she did try to stab me.

So that’s gameplay. How’s the porn? Good, if with a little less variety than Bunny Black 1. Similar to the first game BB 2 has a lot of rape and non con stuff but it does it without making the main character come off as a (complete) monster by making you hate the people who he rapes. They’ll kill friendly monster citizens, try and kill you, or just generally be jerks up until the point where you can’t really sympathize with them and you end up going “Yeah, fuck em up!” when they get what’s coming to them. Are these games making me a degenerate sicko? Most likely.Verdict.pngIs Bunny Black 2 a fun game? Yes! Is it an improvement on the second? Not really! The plot and scenes are really the only big draw for this one. Coming off from the first it’s cool to see Darx grow from being the Overlord’s goon to becoming the big boss and having his own goons. Unfortunately Softhouse Chara made a bunch of poor design decisions which leave the actual gameplay an inferior copy to BB 1. If you played BB 1 and what to see more of the story than definitely give this one a spin. If you have to choose one of these to play however, than go with the first.

Bunny Black 2 can be downloaded in 2 parts here and here.




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