Greentext Does: “Bunny Black”.


Bunny Black is a turn based dungeon crawler released in 2010 by Softhouse Chara. Plot of the game is pretty simple. You’re Darx, an adventurer sent into a dungeon to kill the dungeon Overlord. You and your party gets their asses whooped and now you’re working for the Overlord. Remember how Seeds of Chaos tried to do the whole “Play as hero turned villain” thing but did it in a really shitty way by making you do things you don’t want to do over and over while your mistress oils up her strap on and Big Red satisfies your wife for you? Well this one actually does it right.

First of all, you’re not being blackmailed to work for the Overlord. You feel obligated to considering she saved your life and gave you power. Secondly, in Seeds of Chaos you had to betray your friends and people who seem genuinely nice over and over again. In Bunny Black you’re killing adventurers who invade the dungeon to slaughter your peaceful monster friends and steal their shit for literally no reason.

We have a cozy bar with snazzy music and the bastards want to take it from us!

How’s the gameplay? Lets start with the basics. You roam dungeons with a party of up to 8 other monsters fighting human adventurers and other monster groups. Combat is your standard “Melee units hit units in the front and ranged units can hit anywhere so keep your beefy creatine snorting meat slabs in the front with your squishy healers in the back” affair but with 2 differences. First, melee units can attack from any row. This means you can have glass cannon melee units in the back 2 rows along with your healsluts and battle maids. Second, you only have direct control over Darx. All of your allies cast spells and attack whoever they feel like. Unfortunately for you they usually feel like attacking dandelions on the side of the road instead of actual threats. This means fights are mostly about using your own skills to perform critical tasks like taking down dangerous enemies or healing those who are dying while the rest of the party spends their turn casting ice spells at fire spirits or using their max level full party heal spell because the rogue in the back row got a paper cut. While this is interesting and streamlines fights it also makes battles heavily luck based. Here’s an example. I’m fighting a dragon that used an AOE attack that took my entire team down to 1/3 health and is probably going to use it again on it’s next turn. My healing unit has a spell that will heal the entire party back to full health. If they cast that I’ll win. If they decide to attack the dragon or focus on healing one unit than I’ll lose. You can give orders like “Use healing spells if you have them” or “Focus on dealing damage” but those are really more like suggestions. Sometimes they just won’t listen and even when they do you can’t tell them which healing spell or attack to use so they might use something ineffective or unhelpful.

Like now would be a great time to start healing. Instead my healer smacked the dragon for 2 damage and we all died.

All of your allies cost command points to have in your party. More powerful allies cost more. Allies can also level up as you use them and will gain better stats and new moves. A level 1 healing fairy and a level 40 Jorgen Von Strangle cost the same amount of command points to have in your party though so you’re incentivized to keep powerful and cheap units from the early game around. You can get more command points by gaining reputation and being promoted or by investing your skill points in the Charismatic skill. There’s 2 problems with this though. Getting end game promotions takes too much reputation and you can only level the Charismatic skill 10 times. Because of this at the end of the game I had around 53 command points to spend and had had that much for the past 3 hours. I kept unlocking new and more powerful units that are slightly better than any of the buffed early game units but cost 2 or 3 times as much so they just aren’t viable.


Another issue is that hiring new allies or re-hiring ones that fainted costs money. A lot of money. Re-hiring just 1 of my end game units can cost between 4,000 and 10,000 gold while the quests I was doing at the time gained me an average of 3,000. This means that if you lose most of your party in a dungeon and don’t have the money to re-hire them or spares to use than you’re just fucked. You can’t go back to earlier areas to grind on enemies you can beat solo and while some quests technically can be beaten without fighting any enemies it’s insanely difficult to get through a large dungeon without running into any enemies. If your party gets fucked over and you can’t afford to replace skillsthem it’s best to either cheat to get more money to get them back or reload a save.

Darx has a skill system where you can invest points into different abilities. Most of them are unusable garbage. Here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to pick a kind of melee weapon and invest in that to get fancy skills. Then you’re going to pick one kind of magic and invest points in that. Then you’re going to invest in teleportation magic so you can warp around the map, lockpicking to get chests, charisma to increase your party size, and healing magic to not die. Everything else is either icing on the cake or unusable garbage. By the end of the game (I was on hard difficulty by the way) I was level 57/99 but even if I maxed out my level I wouldn’t have had enough to get everything. Doesn’t really matter though when my maxed sword skill and buffed party can kill the final boss in 2 turns. Oh and one more gameplay thing! Don’t bother buying gear at the store. You find chests in dungeons that you can unlock to get better gear than you can find in the store. The chest unlocking system is bullshit by the way.

It could also be none of those. Because fuck you.

You invested in your lockpicking skill because I told you to so you’re going to use that on a chest and then you’ll get your party member’s opinions on what kind of trap they think it has. Then guess whichever trap most of them say it is. Choose the right trap and you’ll disarm it and get an item you can identify at the store…except when you don’t disarm it even though you chose the right trap. For no reason. Most of the items you get from this will be trash but some will be amazing. For most of the game I used an axe that gave me +40 strength while the best thing the store could offer even at the end of the game was like +20. Sure my axe was cursed and took like 10% of my life after my turn but with 2 healing minions that’s a complete non issue. Since Darx is the only person in the game who can equip items every type of gear you don’t spec into will never ever be bought. If you decide to be a sterile bow wielding manlet than you’re never going to use any axes, short swords, long swords, katanas, staffs, hammers, shields or heavy armor. Basically you’re only going to ever use one weapon type per playthrough and honestly that just feels weird. Like most of the game’s gear is just completely worthless to me.


Now, on to the smut. It’s great. Good art, voice acting that I muted anyway because the Japanese sound like squeaky toys, and replayable scenes and CGs after you beat the game. The sex is…rapey? Unlike the lighthearted rape featured in Rance this is more like vindictive rape. Most scenes are you raping female adventurers that attack your dungeon. That’s not to say that all the sex is forced. There’s lots of variety in the girls you bone. They range from screaming death threats to totally into it so there’s something for everyone. It’s mostly pretty vanilla as far as fetishes go with the exception of some piss stuff and one mention of someone shitting them self at the end of sex. Thankfully there’s no art to accompany that one


Honestly I really like this one. It does a great job of making you the a villain by having you do the right thing via villainous methods with somewhat sadistic rapes sprinkled in for fun. The characters are interesting and likable, the moment to moment gameplay is fun (if a little tedious at times), and the game’s end is incredibly satisfying. If you liked Kamidori Alchemy Meister or some of the Rance games than definitely give this one a shot.

Links to download the English version of the game can be found here and here.

And just because I love you all so much a save file with all CGs unlocked can be found here.

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