Using Cheat Engine for fun and profit


Cheat Engine is probably one of the most useful programs out there. Since a large amount of you don’t seem to know how to use it I’m going to teach you. Why is cheat engine useful? 2 main reasons. 1.You can change the speed of the game (Make it go twice as fast) 2. You can change any number in the game. (Change your number of coins to 999 or set your character’s health to permanently be 100%)


First turn off adblock. Why? Cheat engine man is constantly updating the damn thing and he needs his advertisement sheckles. Although chances are that if you don’t know how to use Cheat Engine you don’t know how to use Adblock either.


Now go here Don’t click the ads.


Click this thing though, it’s not an ad.




Watch out for sneaky PUPs.


Don’t install this shit.


Launch the program. If you’re intimidated by all the scary words and options, don’t be.


We’re only going to be looking at this today.


Lets use this game about a sweater wearing grill trapped in a fuck maze as an example.


First click the little computer symbol right under file and then select the program you want to change


Now lets say the game is too slow for you. If you want to make it go faster just select Enable Speedhack over on the right side and then set the speed to what you want. Then click apply. Easy peasy.


Now lets say you wanted this number to be something like 95.


First enter the number that the thing currently is and that box on the left will then show every number in the game that is a 2.


Now you’re going to want to go back into the game and change the number to something else. That could mean taking damage to lower a hp number, earning money to raise a currency value, whatever, up or down, doesn’t matter. All that matters is that the number is different.


Now we’re going to slot in our new number and press “Next Scan”. The box on the left is now showing every number within the game that has changed from 2 to 15 since the last scan.


Now repeat, change the number again


Search for the new number and Boom! It’s narrowed down to just 1 now. Double click the value in the window on the left (Sometimes you won’t be able to narrow it down to just 1. In that case experiment until you get the desired results).


Then click the value in the bottom and set it to what you want.


Tada! New number. (Sometimes you have to do something to change the number in game for the number to change to the one you set it to. EX: My health is 100, I use cheat engine to set it to 999, I take 50 points of damage in game, my health shoots up to 999)


You can even click that little box there to set it to that value and keep it from changing. (EX: Health during a battle would not go down when hit) Tada. Now you know how to use cheat engine. The cool thing is that this works with almost any game. Now go jack off.


DISCLAIMER Sometimes it isn’t that simple. Sometimes games actually store their number values in weird convoluted ways like the actual number * 47 + 3 or something


Sometimes the method I showed you fails and using a different scan type reveals that the game stores a number like 12 as 15198183 making it impossible to change the number to what you want without an assload of work.


Sometimes we have to use ms paint magic to make something for a guide look like it worked when it really didn’t. Now go jack off.

Or don’t! Because there’s another useful site!

25.PNG is an extremely useful site when trying to fiddle with RPGmaker or Ren’Py games.


Want more dosh in TLS? Save your game.


Upload the file onto the website and you’ll get a massive list of parameters.


Ctrl+F 80000 and there’s the value we want to change.


Change your value, download the file, plop it in your folder, load the game and BOOM!!!


Some games like TLS have additional variables listed somewhere. These can help you edit things you’re otherwise not going to ever find.


And that’s all I have. This helps you review games much quicker than you normally could when you’re pissed off your ass on boxed wine.

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