Greentext Does: “Four Elements Trainer”.


So Four Elements Trainer is the game MITY has been working on for quite a while now and I gotta say, I’m impressed with the amount of content he’s gotten in so far. Let’s back up though. What is Four Elements Trainer? Well remember Akabur’s games? Princess Trainer, Witch Trainer, Broken Hearts Bordello? Well it’s that. It’s literally that but with combat mechanics.


Starting up the game I was given the choice to play one of 3 “books”. Water, Fire, and Earth. I skipped water and went straight to fire. Why? Korra has a punchable face and I don’t want to see it. After choosing fire I was given the exact same story setup that Akabur’s games gives. I am nameless cloak man who gets plopped into the body of a character central to the story of an established world and begin to abuse my position to fuck the story’s main characters. Now let me just clarify. In case you can’t tell this game is a parody of the Avatar show. I watched that show a little bit back when it first started coming out and then stopped. I remember fire=bad, air=dead, rock dudes can’t use their magic on metal except for the blind chick, and also there’s Eskimos.


Anyways. There are multiple story paths to go through for the fire book but in the one I went with I started as a slave to Azula and eventually work my way up and become her master. Standard stuff. I have a shop where I buy items to use to increase my relationship with her and other characters, I have different jobs to do to make money, and I have a small map to explore.


The game’s combat is about as milk toast as it gets. You have 3 different unit types. Tanks, calverley, and foot soldiers. The enemy has the same 3. Tanks are good against calverley, calverley is good against foot soldiers, and foot soldiers are good against tanks. You take turns whacking each other until one side falls over dead. Honestly it feel like a chore more than anything else. If you have the right unit combination you click the auto button and then you win. If you don’t have the right unit combination you quaff potions until you can brute force it.


Oh, did I not mention the farm? Yeah there’s a fucking breastmilk impregnation farm. So that’s a thing. Not personally my thing but it’s an easy way to make tons of money. This kind of ties into the game’s problem though and I feel that a lot of adult games have this issue. When doing something sexual like fucking one of these chicks to impregnate them gives you an in game bonus you’re going to do it over and over again right? Well eventually you stop seeing it as sexual and start seeing it as a button you press for bonuses. After about an hour I stop seeing tits and sex. I just go “Yep, press button, skip scene, make money”. The same thing happens with the combat. You have to do it over and over again and it stops existing as anything more than a button you press to get a result. I think the inherent problem with this is the fact that sex is being used as a mechanic and not a reward. Sex scenes can be interesting and arousing the first or maybe the second time you see it but if the game gives you an incentive to watch it over and over and over again than you’re not going to see it as something to be enjoyed anymore.


Character design is pretty predictable since most of the characters are just taken from Avatar. I like Rei here. That’s probably just because I like chicks with short hair though. The art is decent. Not decent enough for me to want to go and rip the game’s CGs or anything but it gets the job done. There’s a decent amount of scenes. Odds are if you see an attractive character you’ll get to see their tits. Sex scenes are your usual blowjob, sex, anal, handjob, affair. That and the impregnation thing.


Honestly, I’m not really enjoying my time with the game. It’s not bad exactly. MITY is doing everything right here. They’re releasing regular updates, they’re adding a lot of content and taking feedback. I’ve just done this all before. I’ve played the game where I corrupt the minds of characters in an established universe. I’ve waited bars and done combat for gold a million times before. I’ve gone to the store to buy costumes and gifts to raise relationship meters before and I’m tired of it all. If you’re not tired of it too than this is a game you’ll enjoy. There’s decent art, a good amount of scenes, a couple lines of dialogue that made me chuckle, and the developer seems to be doing a good job at not being a shekel lord.


MITV’s Patreon can be found here and you can download the latest build of Four Elements Trainer here.

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