Greentext Does: These Ditzy Demons Are In Love With Me

Alright. We’re doing a VN this week so time to bust out those literary analysis skills I learned back in high school English. This one’s for you Mr. Fliegal. So “These Ditzy Demons Are In Love With Me”, which I will now call TDDAILWE “Ditzy Demons” is a pretty typical VN. A diverse cast wholly characterized by their one quirk, fake choices, an upbeat soundtrack, and more nudity than you can shake a sexually repressed Japanese salaryman at. But here’s the question? Is it good?

Can I just mention the game has a panic button that shows a random image and changes the cursor, icon, and task bars to resemble ms paint? That’s fucking great.

Well the answer is the same thing I say on 90% of the other reviews. It’s pretty good. Generic, but good. Imagine it. You wake up one morning and, to your horror, realize you have all the symptoms. Your parents are constantly away on business. You have an abnormally nice house despite not being particularly wealthy. Your step sister won’t get off your dick. You don’t have a face. And your diverse and quirky group of young female friends get voice actors but you don’t. I’m sorry, but you have VN Protagonist syndrome. I’m afraid this is most likely terminal. As your condition worsens the amount of time you spend each day involved in wacky spa trip hijinks and sexual conquest will invariably increase until you finally die due to exhaustion after 87 consecutive trips to the beach. If we had caught this earlier we could have hoped for an early game protagonist switcheroo but seeing as you started off with the classic “In medias res 6-way blowjob” it seems highly unlikely.

The existential dread of the eternal void is another good one.

Alright. That’s enough beating a dead joke. Plot actually starts with you finding out your childhood female friends are, surprise, demons. Not the “Eat your skin” or “Inner demons” type but the much more fun “Basically human in every way except for some quirks” type. There’s a demon world and a human world. They’re pretty similar though. Demon world still has fast food and cell phone plans and traffic. Really the only differences are that the skies are a bit more red and rampant succubus chlamydia is more of a problem. Humans are common knowledge to demons but average humans don’t really know about demons. Human diplomats (Like your parents. Surprise again!) work in the demon realm and demonic diplomats work in the human world. Now it’s time to take up the mantle and diplomitate via your inexhaustible cum supply. 

Yeah so your childhood friends are all just bad at being demons. The succubus is too shy to kiss. The mummy is an exhibitionist, the yeti hates the cold, etc. Your job is to straighten them out. Via fucking. Oh also there’s a very small talking whale who asks what wishes you want him to grant and then never does, a small furry ball that sings and eats pencil shavings, and a totally legitimate Cerberus who is small and only has one head due to a birth defect and can’t talk because he’s retarded. Honestly my only gripe with the story is how quickly the mc adapts to learning that fucking demons are not only real but also won’t get off his dick. Admittedly he’s drunk when he finds out but he doesn’t even seem that interested. Just kind of goes along with it. 

A. You’re not. B. Yes

 So now that we have our cast and plot the question becomes “How is the dicking?”. It’s pretty great actually! As previously mentioned the game starts right off with the smut so there’s no waiting around. There’s a good variety of scenes, all of which are pretty vanilla. Well, as vanilla as you can get in a demonic 6-way. The scenes have voice acting and a decent amount of art for each one which is definitely a plus. Games that have 8 paragraphs of smut with only one actual image always come off as a bit of a tease. On top of that they also do lots of zooms and pans with the art during each scene which helps keep things from being too static. Unfortunately I’m going to have to dock 900 points due to the lack of a gallery. Maybe it unlocks when you fully complete the game? Doesn’t matter. Give your adult game a gallery that unlocks as you see each scene. Otherwise you just force players to make saves for each one. 

These Ditzy Demons Are In Love With Me is a pretty fun visual novel. The plot is really light hearted and upbeat and the game’s bubbly, almost jazzy, soundtrack ensures you’re always in a good mood. This definitely isn’t the kind of game to pick up if you want a deep story, specific fetish material, or world altering consequences. It is, however, a good game to pick up if you want something to keep your spirits up as well as your dick. 

These Ditzy Demons Are In Love With Me can be downloaded in 2 parts here and here.

That fucking chapter name

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