Greentext Does: “Overwhored”.


So Overwhored was actually one of the first adult games I really played. I think my very first was TLS and then I tried Roundscape which I wasn’t a massive fan of. Then someone suggested Overwhored. Being a big Overlord fan I decided to check it out. I remember enjoying it a lot. Art was acceptable and the gameplay was pretty standard for RPG maker games but I still enjoyed it. Question is, how does it hold up today?

It’s so small. And yeah, I know my desktop is shitty and cluttered.

Well, Overwhored is pretty much the Goldeneye of adult video games. And by that I mean it’s aged fucking horribly. Seriously. This is a product of its time and lemme tell you, it shows. Really the biggest issue with the game is the resolution. The damn thing looks like it could fit on a pager. Sure, you could expand it into full screen mode but then it just looks like you coated your screen in Vaseline. TLS has the same resolution issues but TLS doesn’t have art that you have to worry about getting squashed or blurred. Really the best way to play this game is just to keep it in it’s native 640×480 resolution and then squint to make out the nipples.


The core of the game is a basic RPG Maker affair. You have multiple party members, gear, you level up every once in a while, etc. Really the only new aspect is that every time you capture women for your sex dungeon you get points you can spend on abilities for your Overlord. Capturing women isn’t something you can just do whenever you want though. It’s strictly story based. At certain points in the plot you just get women. Enemies respawn so money and experience is infinite though so there’s really no need to worry about min maxing. There are still some issues regarding money and sex dungeon points though. Whenever you buy upgrades to your castle using money or new moves using rape points the things you bought stay on the store list and can be bought again. Unfortunately buying things a second time doesn’t upgrade them further. It just wastes your money.

I take it back. Apparently since I last played the game somehow fixed itself?

How’s the writing? It’s pretty much 50/50. Some scenes, like Crystin’s, are pretty well written. Some, like the blacksmith’s, aren’t. Locations like the island full of Australian goblins are pretty fun but the game seems to have a habit of making pot jokes that, at least for me, fell flat every time. The end of the game on the other hand is overall pretty great. It serves as a really great escalation of the story’s plot and it has a couple twists that I didn’t actually see coming.

Vanilla enough to show your pastor.

The sex is pretty vanilla. It has obvious mindbreak but everything else is pretty much just the Overlord fucking groups of women in various ways. The art is thoroughly meh. It does the job and it’s not bad enough to distract from the game but it’s not something you’d want to extract the CGs and jack off to or anything.


Pretty much what it says on the tin here. The game’s enjoyable, sure. But it’s not as fun as I would have said if you asked me before I played it again to write this review. Would I suggest you play it? Sure. It’s enjoyable despite it’s flaws. Just don’t go expecting something to spend all week replaying.

Overwhored can be downloaded for free here.


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